Add a touch of beauty to your windows and all mirrored surfaces, tiles, showcases and counters with the all-purpose ecological detergent. Easily dissolves dirt, due to its high concentration of solvents, eliminating them and leaving surfaces limpid and shiny.

With the all-purpose cleaner you also take on a multi-purpose concern for the environment: the all-purpose is an ecological detergent that is born from the reuse of waste, used cooking oil. Ingredients: 100% biodegradable ecological detergent;
Water; soap (natural origin); butoxyethanol; isopropyl alcohol; perfume (limonene); dye.
Use Mode: Spray the surface to be cleaned regularly and then wipe the surface to be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth. Let it dry and wipe it again with a dry cloth. You can also use paper to brighten the surface.

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