Sonett’s liquid laundry detergent has an efficiency that is less dependent on the hardness of the water, which is why liquid detergent is very effective in hard water as well.

Soap as an active washing substance uniquely combines all the properties necessary for the washing process: moistening, dissolving and absorbing dirt. Soap is intensified in this effect by sugar surfactant and fatty alcohol sulfate, which are obtained by chemically reacting purely vegetable raw materials, sugar, starch and coconut oil with acids. At the same time, this combination counteracts the disadvantage of soap, ie the calcium soap that forms, which can precipitate on clothes if the fabric softener has not been properly measured. The alcohol obtained from the fermentation of plant-based starch serves to keep the detergent liquid, thus allowing for a highly concentrated active washing substance. Sulfated castor oil, also called red turkey oil, is obtained from castor oil that chemically reacts with sulfuric acid. Enhances the grease-dissolving property of detergents. Composition
Lavender essential oil, lavender.
Use Mode: Mode of Use
It is recommended to fill the fabric softener in the detergent compartment of the washing machine and the washing liquid into a measuring ball and place it directly in the drum. Suitable for all colored and white fabrics made from blends of cotton, linen, hemp and fabric between 30 and 95 °C (85–200 °F)

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