Soft and odorless deblocker, the 2 enzymes it contains treat the accumulation of materials: proteins, fats, hair. This product is especially suitable for unlocking bathroom or kitchen pipes.

Composition: Less than 5% of non-ionic surfactants, Enzymes, Bacillus. Also contains: water, emollients, sequestering agents and preservatives. 99.7% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
Use Mode: Instructions for use: Bathroom and kitchen: mix 1/2 bottle in 3 to 4 liters of hot water at 50°C, then pour the mixture into the clogged drain, leave to act overnight and rinse with hot water the next morning . Repeat the operation if necessary.
WC : mix 1/2 bottle in 5 liters of hot water at 50°C, let it cool and pour the mixture into the toilet by flushing the toilet or directly into the septic tank.
It does not contain pathogenic microorganisms, toxic or corrosive compounds (various acids or caustic products).
Action by natural means (enzymatic process).
Not tested on animals.
Product certified by ECOCERT-ÉCODETERGENT.

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