Repair and Strength Conditioning Cream formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin for damaged hair. Adds strength and natural shine, hair is silky and easy to comb.

BIO Shea Butter: hydrates, protects and nourishes damaged keratin, providing a natural shine that lasts over time.
Baobab Protein Hydrolysate: penetrates the hair fiber, repairing and restructuring from the inside. More vitality and hydrated hair.
Milk Thistle Oil: natural alternative to silicones, it provides natural shine, silkiness and sensoriality.
Floral Jara and Lemon Fruit BIO Water: tones, strengthens and protects. Brightness and luminosity.
BIO Sunflower Seed Extract: natural sealer for dry ends.
BIO Floral lavender water: soothes the scalp and restores balance.

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