Organic Production

Organic farming follows criteria defined by the European Commission (Commission Regulation No. 889/2008 of 5 September 2008) and consists of the production of plants in a sustainable manner, respecting life cycles and nature, with “practices crops and the limited use of low solubility fertilizers and improvers ”(Commission Regulation No. 889/2008 of 5 September 2008). The use of pesticides is severely restricted and pests, diseases and weeds must be minimized through preventive measures.

In organic farming the use of genetically modified species is strictly prohibited, opting instead for plant species adapted to local edaphoclimatic conditions and therefore more resistant to pests and diseases. Special attention is also given to biological pest control with the introduction of suitable predators that prevent or consume certain harmful animal or plant species for production, such as ladybugs, which are so important in pest control like aphids, which are also commonly used. called lice. Another very efficient practice in the control of pests and diseases is the use of beneficial associations of plant species, such as the onion with the carrot with the benefit of repelling one of the pests, the carrot fly.

In organic animal production, intensive production is not allowed, preserving the life cycles of each animal, which grows outdoors and is fed exclusively with products of biological origin.


All products we deliver to your basket are from organic production, with the respective certificate of compliance with the European Organic Agriculture Regulation and also the handling and delivery process are controlled by SATIVA PT-BIO-03, one of the control and certification for Organic Agriculture operating in Portugal, in order to ensure that from the origin to your home the products supplied are from organic farming. Our suppliers are mostly national, mandatorily controlled by a control and certification body, thus ensuring that all products supplied by them are from organic farming.

Whenever possible, we give preference to national production but, as we know, production in Portugal is limited, both in quantity and in diversity throughout the year, so we also use imported products to satisfy the needs of our customers. In order to minimize imports, make your choices in seasonal products, as it is one of the ways to guarantee the consumption of national products!

All imported products, fresh or groceries are certified. You can always see its origin on the product sheet where the producer is located and his nationality.


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